Hotel Le 8300

Project in progress in category rekreacja
This new 5-star Hotel & Spa, called “Le 8300”, is situated on the corner of Zoutelaan and Bronlaan in Knokke. The hotel, which is currently under construction, is within walking distance of Het Zwin nature reserve and is located in the quiet area around Oosthoekplein.

In view of the desire of the Knokke Municipal Council to provide more quantity and quality to meet the growing demand for hotel facilities, this project fits in perfectly with its purpose.

In total and in addition to the 37 luxury rooms, the project will also feature restaurant facilities and excellent spa and wellness services for the high segment of consumers.

This development fits in perfectly with our diversification strategy. There is great demand for hotels, wellness centres and spas on the Belgian coast. This new complex is aimed at the upper segment of the market and will be equipped with the most advanced and luxurious facilities.