Brussels - Spectrum

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An icon at the gates of Europe
Outstanding location, bewitching architecture, the very latest energy-saving technology, design that exudes elegance and refinement... ‘Spectrum’ has everything it needs to become an icon in the famous ‘pentagon’ of Brussels. Ravishing to look at and the virtual opposite to the building it will replace: a decrepit old office building that was a soulless concrete leviathan. A location such as this, alongside the city’s main traffic artery, deserves better. Much better.
Nowhere else does the heart of Brussels beat so hard and fast as it does in the Madou district, a veritable meeting point of nations and institutions. This is where the big decisions are made. The European Parliament, the European Commission, the federal parliament, the Flemish parliament, the headquarters of various multinationals, embassies, lobby groups: all within walking distance of where ‘Spectrum’ will shortly rise from the ground. Also nearby are innumerable shops, cafés, restaurants, the city’s historic centre and much more besides.
Without any exaggeration, the whole world is on your doorstep. It takes five minutes from the Madou metro station to reach the train station at Brussels Central – or eight minutes to Brussels South, the station with its international train connections to Paris, Amsterdam, London, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and beyond. And Madou is only 19 minutes by train from Brussels Airport. Ease of mobility is the key when developing new offices. This is a feature that gives ‘Spectrum’ its greatest distinction.
This is where living and working all happen at a rapid pace. This way of life demands, begs convenience. In the 21st century, both employers and employees want more than just a place to work. They need an environment that excites, stimulates and enhances their quality of life. A place where space has been put to the best possible use so that it creates a feeling of just that: space.
Floor-to-ceiling glass provides much-needed light and air to everyone who works and lives here. Without compromising on energy efficiency. Creating the best of both words. Sophisticated insulation combines with efficient heat recovery, a high level of airtightness, individual heat controls, LED lighting, automatic sunshades, a energy monitoring system, rainwater recovery and much more to deliver optimum comfort at the same time as maximum energy and cost-savings. Europe requires all new buildings to be virtually energy-neutral by the end of 2020. Which means that ‘Spectrum’ is ahead of its time – and not just for that. This symbiosis between living and working in the city, created within one and the same project, is a distinct departure from the past, with its ‘office ghettos’. Brussels is a beating heart for growth and is itself growing, with over 20,000 new residents arriving in the capital every year.

Ghelamco is aiming to be awarded BREEAM Excellent certification with this development. In addition to excellent energy efficiency, the criteria for achieving this status are strict – which is to the advantage of everyone involved in this building. We will also be aiming for an excellent mixture of acoustic and thermal comfort, with oceans of daylight, sophisticated construction techniques and an inspiring design. As we have said before: only the best is good enough.