Ghent - Tribeca

Realized project in category urban development projects

The Tribeca project is currently taking shape in the north of Ghent in Flanders. This part of the famous city is experiencing a major influx of young families who have come to make it their home. The development of a former brownfield site known as ‘Filature du Rabot’ is designed to fulfil their wishes and needs. The Tribeca site combines city living with a quiet setting and the convenience of a new residential area surrounded by greenery. The development will include a wide range of conventional apartments, duplexes, triplexes, houses, studios and lofts.
This development of the entire site is specifically aimed at the many young two-income households that wish to put down roots in the area, whether they plan to buy or rent homes. Following the nearby Blaisantpark development (another Ghelamco project), Tribeca is already attracting interest from investors and potential end-users. 65% of the housing units sold are owned by individual landlords. All the phase 1 and 2 apartments have now been sold, as well as another 40 % in phase 3, on which work has only just begun.

The site covers a total of 2.4 hectares and is close to the water in one of the city’s outer suburbs - just a stone’s throw from the greenery of the adjacent Bloemekenspark. Locating the parking underground also gives the entire site an even more peaceful character. The development’s position on the edge of the city, combined with ideal access will make travelling to and from work less time-consuming. Space has also been set aside for a range of retail outlets and shops. In addition, the Lidl supermarket chain plans to open a 1500 m2 store. Tribeca has all of the features and advantages that have made New York’s Tribeca district such a success, while also adding a new dimension to modern living.