Ghent - Blue Towers

Realized project in category offices

Located right alongside the big cloverleaf road intersection on the outskirts of Ghent, Ghelamco is in the process of constructing two office buildings that not only have great visibility, but are also very much best of breed when it comes to construction efficiency and innovation. It’s impossible not to look at them as you drive by. The buildings themselves are located in the immediate vicinity of the new Artevelde stadium. Through them, Ghelamco is building two focal points designed on a human scale. The first of these new office buildings offers total floor space of 13,511 m2, while the other, which has 14,778 m2 of floor space, is the more spacious of the two. Both buildings are situated at the Dacar site and look out over the confluence of the Leie and the Scheldt. As a result of their extremely central location, at the intersection of the E17/E40/R4, combined with the use of innovative ventilation and cooling technologies, the new structures will undoubtedly become benchmarks for the office market in Ghent and Flanders.

Ghelamco deliberately opts to construct its office buildings using the best materials and technologies available on the market. This ensures that the company’s office projects always excel. Ghelamco also focuses on giving shape to its corporate vision of benefiting society. As a result, this easy-to-reach location is home not only to the two office buildings described above, but also to the ultramodern Artevelde stadium. In addition, there is a retail centre and a range of eateries. Innovation, technology and ecology, as well as the area’s multifunctional features and easy access are all characteristics that have built Ghelamco’s success.